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Masa Acher Online is the leading Israeli Online Magazine and web site in the area of tourism, travel and leisure.

Masa Acher Online contains a vast amount of editorial content (in Hebrew): articles, guides, maps, photos, recommendations, video clips and much more. In addition, there is a special section with in-depth information about all the countries in the world and selected major cities and travel destinations. All the material is written by professional writers specialized in travel and tourism. There are daily updates of travel news and articles dealing with travel, leisure and destinations around the world, as well as eco topics.

In addition, once a week an editorial newsletter is sent to a Huge list of subscribers. Each weekly newsletter is dedicated to one subject and brings relevant information, articles, photos, video clips and maps regarding the special issue at hand. Newsletters can focus on a country, a region, a city or special interests such as diving, trekking, family vacations etc. These newsletters provoke extremely good responses from our readers and are eagerly awaited.

Masa Acher Online is accessible free of charge, but in order to access some in-depth information and to receive the weekly newsletter there is a need to register (at no cost). The number of entries to the site is very large, especially by users of Google search engine.

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